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How a CPA Can Help Your Small Business

You own a small business and work 24/7 to ensure everything runs smoothly. Why not leave the accounting up to a professional, so you can get back to what really matters – growing your business.

Read about why partnering with a CPA can help your small business.

Strategic Tax Planning

Tax planning can be a headache. A CPA can make recommendations on making payments throughout the year and get you the best return based on your goals. Get ahead of the mess with a CPA dedicated to your small business and your needs.

Our experienced accounting team works with you throughout the year to:

  • Examine your financial snapshot
  • Recommend financial decisions to reduce your tax liability

Assistance with Small Business Growth

You want your business to grow, right? A CPA can help you find areas for growth by examining cash flow trends, help create a business plan, and make a budget based on your goals.

Whether you have questions about business structure, regulations, or internal financial processes, our experienced accounting team is here to advise you.

Call Layson, Treadwell & Spires CPAs at 478-259-0523 for Your Small Business Accounting Needs!

Overall Financial Advice

Partnering with a CPA for tax season is recommended, but having one on retainer throughout the year is even better. Whether it be a monthly service to keep payroll in order or close out your books at year’s end, a small business could use the professional help of a CPA. At Layson, Treadwell & Spires CPAs, our monthly services include:

  • Cash flow statements
  • Financial reports
  • Income and expense tracking
  • Invoice reports
  • Payroll

About Layson, Treadwell & Spires CPAs

Layson, Treadwell & Spires CPAs is a full-service accounting firm serving Middle Georgia businesses. We are a family-based firm dedicated to the financial success of our clients through various services such as tax preparation, tax planning, accounting, and remote CFO work. Conveniently located at 5233 Riverside Drive, Suite C, in Macon, Georgia, or 1020 Park Drive in Greensboro, GA. Layson, Treadwell & Spires CPAs is ready to handle any of your accounting needs.