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Tips for Choosing a CPA for Your Small Business

Deciding you need a CPA to help with accounting services for your small business is the first step. Now the real fun begins: choosing which CPA is best for your small business.

Here are three tips to consider while choosing a CPA for your small business:

Understand What You Need

It’s important to know what services your small business needs. Whether it’s monthly services or the need for tax planning, understanding your needs automatically narrows down your list. The size of your business will impact the scope of services you’ll need. It’s also important to consider a CPA that has worked with small businesses before. A bonus is if they have worked with small businesses in your specific industry.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Ask other small business owners and CPA users about their experience. They can give you an idea about the scope of services offered, a budget estimate for those services, and their overall experience delegating to a professional. A candid conversation will help you decide what’s best for your small business.

Take Time to Decide

We know you want to check this process off your long list of things to do, but it’s worth taking the time to choose the best CPA for your small business needs. Interview multiple candidates, do background research in the form of past client testimonials and online reviews, and make sure you mesh well with who you’ll potentially be working with. You’ll be glad you thought this through.

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